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We have now built a brand new, bigger, more durable barge. This helped us expand our options so we can now better satisfy our customers! We can remove/Restore your bot lift/pier in a more timely fashion. Come check it out!

Four Lakes Marine offers boat lifts that will accomodate capacities up to 15,000 lbs.  The bunks are tailored specifically for your boat. Regular, Outboard, and IO configurations are available. Our canopies range from 24' to 32' in length.  They are made from a strong 18 oz. Herculite fabric which is designed to offer the durability you need in wind, sun, and rain. We also offer a wide variety of accessories ranging from canopy extensions to solar charging panels.   

We offer a wide range of maintenance free docks in various colors and styles. Including sectional, patio, rolling, and floating docks. These are just a few out of a multitude of docks you can get.

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Hello I am the owner, Jeff Pressinell and for over 30 plus years I have been in the manufacturing, sales and service industry for the marine side. I have developed a working and professional relationship with many of my clients and a lot of these clients seem to have a common problem - finding a service that can meet their boating and dock needs. Here at Four Lakes Marine it is our goal to solve that problem. Given the relatively short boating season, our hope is to satisfy that need with prompt service and response time in order for you to start enjoying the water as soon as the weather permits. Happy Boating!  

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